What happened to Capt VOSS’ family? And what about the FERRIERs?

Grandma Voss

After the death of Capt. VOSS, his widow Elizabeth lived on in the Isle of Man to great age and became Grandmama and matriarch to 14 grandchildren.

Edward FERRIER & Elizabeth C VOSS
Edward FERRIER & Elizabeth C VOSS

Capt VOSS’ eldest daughter Elizabeth Collings VOSS married the Rev. Edward FERRIER, who in 1855 became Government Chaplain at Castletown, Isle of Man.   They rapidly had 14 children between 1856 and 1873, whereupon Elizabeth died in 1874, no doubt exhausted.  The Rev (now Canon) FERRIER married again in 1877 to Margaret Frissell CUNINGHAME.  I imagine he was keen to find a step-mother as well as a wife.

This large family brought Elizabeth’s parents and their daughter Rosa to visit and eventually retire to Castletown.  Glenda Lightowler of Isle of Man informs me:

They seem to have been staying with the James Stowells in The Crofts, Castletown in the 1861 and 1871 Census.  One census says Crofts House and the other 15 The Crofts.  This may be one and the same thing.  I used to walk through the Crofts on my way to school.  You are certainly in exalted company.  The Taubmanns and Stowells are very well known families in the Island, as are the Cuninghames.

The family was also no doubt visited by son Claude, a Political Advisor in India, who probably met there Charlotte WOODHOUSE, borne in the East Indies but who was in the Channel Islands in 1851 (aged 6), and the Isle of Man in 1861 & 1871.  They married in 1875, and in 1879 in India bore Margaret R C VOSS, the bequeather of Voss artifacts.

The third son Tertius also visited the family in the Isle of Man.  He married in London in 1883, but died within the year.

The eldest son Edward is last heard of at school in 1851 and probably died young.

There were no male VOSS descendants from Capt VOSSes sons, and Rosa never married.

John, Claude & Lilla FERRIER in 1870

Of the 14 FERRIER children it it is likely that several will have died young.  It looks as if Lucy Jane, Edward Henry & Henry Macheryce did not live to maturity but several will have done.  What happened to them?  I found no trace of relevant FERRIER in the Isle of Man when I looked, although Glenda Lightowler reports that the family was recorded as FERRIES in census records.

Amongst the many bequests of Margaret R C VOSS were ones to Isle of Man residents, but none to names fitting her cousins.  Of course they were older than her, and bequests might have gone to their children. Her property was left to one Gerald Sanford Youde of Staines, or his son if Gerald pre-deceased her.

6 thoughts on “What happened to Capt VOSS’ family? And what about the FERRIERs?

  1. Edward Ferrier’s second wife was Margaret Frissel Quayle. She married Patrick Taubman Cunninghame on 30 Apr 1853. He died 1872.

  2. I have just rediscovered information sent to me in 2005 by Jenny Baldwin, who researched the FERRIERs for a living descendant of Claude FERRIER, who emigrated to Lyttleton, New Zealand. There are various descendants there. I will update the information when I have time.

  3. Is this pure coincidence?? Edward’s second wife was Margaret Cunningham? In NZ 17 Mar 1886 #0682 a William FERRIER married a Eva Beatrice CUNNINGHAME. 1886 is the year Claude arrived in NZ. Is there any connection??

    South Canterbury Museum Timaru November 2008 – Booklet ‘Stories Beyond The Stones’. William FERRIER 1855-1922, Born Forfar Scotland; Father David FERRIER, Edinburgh, Bookseller; Arrived NZ with his father and sister Jessie Low FERRIER and by 1872 they were living in Oamaru. By 1881 had moved to Timaru. “W FERRIER Portrait Rooms” Main South Road, opposite Theatre Royal. Married Eva Beatrice CUNNINGHAM 1886. 8 children. Died 1922 at 76 Grey Road. Eva died 1946 Pukiti Bay, Waiheke Island.

    1. Margaret was née QUAYLE and CUNNINGHAME by her first marriage. No evidence yet, but it seems too much of a co-incidence. Lyttleton, Timaru & Oamaru are all close by each other. My guess is that William and Claude were related (perhaps cousins of some sort) and decided to both emigrate to South Island. And Claude’s father had remarried to the widow of a CUNNINGHAME into which family William also married.

  4. My husband’s grandfather was Claude FERRIER from IOM. There are many NZ descendants but none that we know of in Timaru. Claude was a shippng agent in Lyttelton but lived in Christchurch most of his life here. He had 4 children. Lorna who married Norman FARRANT, Jack who married Marjorie McDOUGALL, and whose Ferrier children live in Auckland, Audley who married late and had no children and Yolande Voss who married Delabere PRITCHETT. So the Ferrier name from that particular family are all in Auckland.

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