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Web site layout updated to adapt to varying screen sizes

I have reworked this web site to use a more modern WordPress theme (based on TwentyThirteen), rather than the archaic one.

It now looks much cleaner with more space and, importantly, adapts the layout to different screen sizes.  On iPads the right hand side bar moves to the bottom to preserve the main display area and on small iPads the header image is shrunk.  On iPhone-sized screens, when the top menu bar would have to become multi-line, it is replaced by a pull-down menu. Continue reading Web site layout updated to adapt to varying screen sizes

On-line database has had major update

My genealogical database is managed in Reunion on a Macintosh.  From time to time I place both a public and full snapshot of the database on this website for others to consult, but had not done this for sometime.  The on-line versions have now had a major update, with over 1000 extra persons added.

The layout has also improved and it is now possible to view and navigate a five-generation pedigree chart for each person, which helps visualise how they fit in.


Direct link to the databases



These pages and blog have just moved in!

Previously, my Antipole genealogy pages were hosted on Easyspace and a separate Antipole Genealogy Research Blog was hosted on MobileMe.  Both were managed by iWeb.  Pending the closure of MobileMe in June 2012, both have been consolidated onto a single new site using WordPress.  The URL is unchanged at but some of the pages within the site have moved around. Continue reading These pages and blog have just moved in!

Family photos – Marchbank gathering 1910

I have in my possession two photographs, both  inscribed on their back:   Marchbank    August 31st 1910.  Ostensibly, they were taken on the same day, but note that, with the possible exception of the youngest,  the children are all dressed differently in the two pictures.  Either they changed, or they were taken on different days.  August 31st 1910 was a Wednesday, so this was not a weekend gathering.  Perhaps it was a holiday.

Continue reading Family photos – Marchbank gathering 1910