Access the databases

The databases available here are a snapshot of my research database, which is held in Reunion on a Macintosh. The on-line data will, therefore, lag behind my latest data and may also lack some details.  Contact me to check on my latest information.

To access the database, click on the appropriate link, but first read the notes that follow.

Public database

Full database for family members only

Notes concerning the public database

  • There are two versions of this database – full and public.  In the interests of privacy in the public version, contemporary persons are simply recorded by gender and with the word ‘private’.  This applies to persons borne within the last 105 years and with no death date recorded or who died within the last 40 years.  I have taken care to exclude all contemporary persons from the public version.  Should any have slipped through, please advise me.  The full version is available to family members only.  In the public sources list, email addresses have been withheld.
  • Where no birth date is available, I have in many cases recorded an estimated date (e.g. ‘est 1842’).  This is an approximation, often based on birth date of parents, children or siblings, or a marriage date.  It is intended to help perceive where that person fits in and also aids the exclusion of contemporary persons from the public version.  Where no birth or death date has been entered, that person will have been excluded from the public version, even if, in fact, that person lived many centuries ago.

Registering as family for full access

Before you can access the full database you need to register with me a user name and I will send you a password.  Choose a user name that indicates who you are, such as your name.