Antipole Genealogy Database
Antipole Genealogy Database
Within the database there is one ‘family card’ for each family. Clicking on the name of a parent or child of the subject goes to the family of that person.

Clicking on the name of the subject will take you to that individual’s ‘person sheet’ which may give more details, including sources.  To return to the family card, use the Family menu item.

Clicking on any minature camear icon
next to a person’s name takes you to a multi-media page with photos or other material.

Clicking on the icon
next to a name will show that person’s five generation pedegree chart (fewer on small screens). Clicking on the name of a parent or grandparent moves the chart to show their pedigree. They have pull-down menus to move to the chart for any spouse or children. Clicking on the name of the subject of the chart (in the left-most position) returns to their family card.

Surnames are capitalised THUS.  Females are recorded under their maiden name.  Where a woman’s maiden name is unknown, her spouse’s surname is used in square brackets [THUS].  Where a woman’s spouse’s family name is unknown the woman’s maiden name is used for him in curly brackets {THUS}, and any children are recorded under her maiden name {{THUS}}. Where there is more than one person with the same name, I have applied a letter suffix to each [e.g. John RICHARDSON (b) ] to distinguish between them. When communicating with me about persons in this database, please quote any suffix number to avoid confusion.

Following genealogical convention relationships/partnerships are recorded when there has been a marriage (and now a civil partnership) or children, but not otherwise.

The full database contains 6364 names.