FRANKLIN from Lincolnshire


This line is traced back to Francis FRANKLIN (1) of Sibsey, borne about 1689.  Descendents lived in various parts of the region thereafter.

It is notable for Sir John Franklin, arctic explorer and discoverer of the North West passage.

A niece of Sir John, Mary BOOTH, married his friend and colleague Sir John Richardson.  They were my GG Grandparents.

An overview chart of the ALINGTON BOOTH FRANKLIN REYNOLDS RICHARDSON lines is available as a .pdf diagram here.

4 thoughts on “FRANKLIN from Lincolnshire

  1. Hi,
    My great great great grandfather was a Thomas Danby Franklin who lived in Kirton-in-Holland, Lincolnshire, married to Sarah Crawford.
    Do you know if he is related to the same Franklin’s of this line and if so, who his father is?

    Many thanks,
    Darren Franklin

    Tony has responded:
    I have no record of a Thomas Danby FRANKLIN or Sarah CRAWFORD.
    However, there was a Thomas Adams FRANKLIN buried in Sibsey (just north of Boston) in 1807 and his GGrandparents Francis FRANKLIN & Mary YATES had a son Thomas who died aged 9. So it is quite likely that the Franklins were using the name Thomas and, given the proximity, that there is a relationship to my lines.
    If you turn up any connection, do please let me know.

  2. My further research has determined that Thomas Danby Franklin was the illegitimate child of a Thomas Danby and Mary Franklin. Born in Kirton-in-Holland in 1809, Mary died due to his childbirth.

    He assumed the name of Thomas Danby Franklin but I do not know who raised him or where. I do know he had a son Henry Franklin who travelled to Australia to start the Franklin lineage there. What is of importance to the Australian Franklins is “who” Mary Franklin was. We are trying to determine if she is from the Lincolnshire or Northampton Franklins.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Darren Franklin

      1. Thanks great Karen! That would be our Thomas Danby who had Thomas Danby Franklin (junior) with Mary Franklin.

        Thank you!


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