The name VOSS

This section of the Antipole genealogy pages covers the name VOSS in general, and not just my family.

Wine from the Voss vineyard, Matinsborough, New Zealand /There is also a Voss vineyard in the USA

It describes its occurrence in northern Gemany and neighbouring countries, and especially the British name VOSS, which, I conclude, has origins distinct from the German name.

See the sub-headings in the menu Name VOSS above.

There are pages on the Vosses of Dorset (my own line).

I would be interested in including equivalent pages for other regional groupings, especially Leicestershire and places where the name has been significant in the past, e.g. Glamorgan, Essex and Scotland.  If you have material to contribute, please contact me.

There are two  RootsWeb email lists dedicated to the name VOSS.


Description: the VOSS surname and variations (e.g., Vause)


Search the VOSS archives.

Browse the VOSS threaded archives.


Description: Discussing and sharing of information regarding the Voss surname and variations (e.g., Vos, Vose) originating in the British Isles, where it goes back to c1400, its earlier forms Vaus/Vause/Vaux/Vaulx, and its Norman origins recorded in the Latin form of of de Valibus.  It is not for Voss lines originating in continental Europe or immigrating into Britain after 1400.


Search the VOSS-BRITAIN-PRE-1700 archives.

Browse the VOSS-BRITAIN-PRE-1700 threaded archives

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