Subscribing to comments

Subscribers to this blog can now be informed of comments and follow-ups.

Until now, you could subscribe to a posting/thread, but were not automatically informed when there was a comment or comment-on-a-comment, unless you used the RSS facility.  You may therefore have missed the developing discussion.  Recently I have been emailing subscribers to inform them when a new comment has been added.  Unfortunately, you may have been getting emails about threads you were not interested in following.

I have now added a facility to subscribe to comments on posts/threads on a case-by-case basis.  This is distinct from your subscription to new posts.

After the comment box, you will now see an option to be notified of follow-ups on this particular posting.  By default you will hear about all follow-ups, but you can change this to none or only follow-ups to the comment you are making (if the commenter remembers to make that distinction).

You can also subscribe without posting a comment yourself at this time.  This would be useful if you want to follow a posting/thread, but have nothing to add at this time.  I will not be manually sending out further notices about comments, so please subscribe to those you are interested in.  Otherwise you will not hear of developments.

You can also manage your subscriptions by changing them on a post-by-post basis.

This is experimental, so please give it a go and let me have any feedback or suggestions.  Thanks for your interest.


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