Can anyone help read the hand writing on this photo?

This photograph was in the collection of my cousin Rosemary, amongst those associated with the family of Capt. Edward VOSS in the Isle of Man.  I believe the handwriting on the back is that of Margaret R C VOSS, who gave various artifacts and many photographs to our family.  But this does not obviously fit with the others.

Agnes Margaret ?????

????? – 2½ years

Can you make it out?

1 thought on “Can anyone help read the hand writing on this photo?

  1. Tony,

    I can’t say what the surname is – it looks like Cruise. Perhaps the little girl is the great grandmother of the Hollywood actor of that name?? Let’s hope not.

    The next unknown word is clearer though – it’s “aetat”, which is short for the Latin word aetatis, which is the genitive singular of aetas, age. So it’s just a (very) old fashioned way of saying “two and a half years of age”.

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