The Will of Rosa Somers VOSS

I have found and studied the will of Rosa Somers VOSS, younger daughter of Capt. Edward VOSS.  I am satisfied that this is proof that her father Capt. Edward VOSS was the brother of George VOSS (d).

It is a mine of information, containing a very detailed list of bequests in a codicil (see below).  Of particular note, she made bequests to Mona RICHARDSON, wife of Edward G VOSS, who I believe to be her 1C1R i.e. Edwards father George Albert VOSS was her first cousin.  There were bequests to their son John (my father) including the drawing of The Vernons.  This seems not to have actually reached him as by her will but passed to Rosa’s niece and residual beneficiary Margaret Rosa Cecil VOSS, who bequeathed it to John eventually.  Our family have several of the other bequests in Rosa’s will as intended.  The clincher is that she bequeathed fish knives & forks to Cousin Lizzie Voss.  This must be George Albert VOSS’ wife Elizabeth Susan Maria née PEGG, known as Lizzie VOSS.  She had no other candidate cousin on her VOSS side.

Transcription of will and codicil prepared from official typescript without signatures obatined from the probate registry. Notes added in brackets [ ] by Tony Voss.

I, ROSA SOMERS VOSS now residing at 8 Prospect Terrace Ramsgate Spinster hereby revoke all wills codicils and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last will I appoint James George Wood of Lincolns Inn Barrister at Law EXECUTOR of this my will I desire to be buried at Lee Cemetery near Lesisham (No of grave 1280) unless undue expense would be occasioned thereby I give and bequeath and in exercise of the power contained in the will of my late father and of all other powers appoint all the property which I can dispose of by this my will except such things as I may dispose of by any codicil hereto To my brother Claudius William Voss absolutely But in case he shall die in my lifetime then to my niece Margaret Rosa Cecil Voss his daughter absolutely IN WITNESS whereof I have to this my will set my hand the eighth day of March one thousand nine hundred ROSA SOMERS VOSS – Signed by the above Rosa Somers Voss as her last Will in the presence of us present at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have herewith subscribed our names as witnesses – ANNE DAVIS Spinster 8 Prospect Terrace Ramsgate – GEORGIANA GOODWIN Spinster Harbledow[n] Place Canterbury

C O D I C I L [4th January 1920] THIS IS A CODICIL to the will of me ROSA SOMERS VOSS at present residing at l9 S[outh] E[astern] Rd Ramsgate Spinster I bequeath the articles herafter mentioned as follows and anything not specified is to be the property of my niece Rosa Robinson But in case she should die in my lifetime anything not specified is to be the property of my niece Ethel Ferrier I reserve to myself the right to alter my decision on the undermentioned bequests & will ticket same with the names of those I wish to bequeath them to with the understanding that the aforesaid Rosa Robinson and Ethel Ferrier will carry out my wishes To Mrs Claude Voss [1] clock gold locket with minature of Claude & Tert1us Voss Miss E H Grant [2] chased gold ring on my lefthand Mrs Edward Voss the Vernon for John [3] and the sword & sash for John & all silver marked V for Edward [4] Mrs Robinson [5] The Delhi set mother of pearl desk hair brooch all china ornaments 4 Japanese pictures 13 silhouettes & 5 minatures & the Rajah pictures all property not specified to be held as mementoes for friends Table napkin ring (R S V) cable watch chain with charm & Annies armchair [6] The Ferries nieces & nephews [7] all pictures excepting those herein specified or marked To Mission C I S plain gold bracelet Poor clergy all good clothes & underclothing as Mrs Robinson wishes The District Old clothes Mrs O Daniel [8] Flower stand & bracket in sitting room Ellen Ferrier [9] coffee pot Cousin Lizzie Voss [10] fish knives & forks Miss Edith Wilson [11] Two little cupboards in sitting room Miss Eliza Wilson (maid) [12] medicine cupboard Mona Voss [13] Japanese tables & tea caddy Lena Voss [14] embriodered [sic] brown shawl J G Wood Esqre [15] 115 Sutherland Avenue large jug wit Pewter top & coin in case on mantel piece Daniel Kenyon [16] Book case & table in memory of a very old friend & the Cottons picture Betty Ewan [17] Ivory brooch with inlet in the cabinet Mollie Ewan [18] tiny mosaic brooch in box Mona Ewan [19] small gold brooch in box on dressing table Ethel Ferrier Gold chain bracelet with E V on snap All the Rhodes silver [20] Gael Delhi brooch tea caddy spoon Elizabeth Voss [21] small gold brooch with crest on old wedding ring & guard as it was her great great grand-mothers Mona Voss The large crest Voss brooche containing hair of Grandmother Voss Aunt Rhoda & aunt Annie [22] date 1803 to be given to her eldest daughter Elizabeth Hay Grant [23] the diamond & ruby ring given by her aunt Bessie Grant [24] unless [25] Marion Wood [26] the double book case Mrs Wood [27] the brass stand & tongs & a personal book Lilla Ferrier [28] silver sugar basin & cream Jug marked H E P small neck chain Miss Wellers [29] cruet stand when cleaned Isabel Grant [30] screen Daisy Voss [31] Grandmamas chair knee hole table little prayer table in memory of grandmama my watch & grandpapas chain small diamond ring moonstone brooche King Delhi brooche ivory umbrella silver sugar basin Joan Ferrier [32] umbrella Mrs James Wood [33] brass kettle & stand Grace Wood [34] to choose a momento from unspecified bequests Rosa Robinson [35] contents of cabinet & gold studs the long gold chain (2 yards in length) & emerald ring to be held in trust for whomsoever the said Rosa Somers Voss names Miss Hope Picture of Canne In all other respects I confirm by said wi11 IN WITNESS whereof I have to this my codicil set my hand this 4th day of January one thousand nine hundred & twenty – ROSA SOMERS VOSS – 19 S[outh] E[astern] Rd Bamsgate –
Signed by the above named Rosa Somers Voss as a codicil to her will in the presence of us present at the same time who in her presence & in the presence of each other have herewith subscribed our name as witnesses
Witnesses signature MARGARET RADCLIFFE 15 South Eastern Road Ramsgate
LILY HOOK 19 South Eastern Rd Hamsgate
Jan 4th 1920

On the 12th day of May 1922 Probate of this will with one codicil thereto was granted to James George Wood the sole executor.

Notes by Tony Voss
Rosa’s residual legatee was her brother Claudius William VOSS, but as he had pre-deceased her, this would pass to his daughter Maraget Rosa Cecil VOSS.
[1] Cecil Charlotte Saltoun WOODHOUSE, sister-in-law
[2] Who was Miss E H GRANT? No relative identified.
[3] Mrs Edward VOSS & John
Now Rosa had a brother Edward, but I have no trace of him surviving to maturity, when he might have acquired a wife. Much much more likely refers to Mona RICHARDSON, wife of Edward George VOSS, whom I believe to be her 1C1R. John would then be John Edward Franklin VOSS, my father, then aged 5 years. The Vernon will refer to the crayon drawing made by Rosa when aged 22 of her father’s ship The Vernon, and which I have in my possession via my father.
[4] Edward: as this seems to be in the same bequest as in [3] this is presumably Edward George VOSS, although it is curious that it seems to have been left via his wife. However, Edward was working abroad in Canada and Mona had returned to the UK with their children Elizabeth and John, so perhaps it was natural to make this bequest through her.
[5] Mrs ROBINSON: her niece Rosa ROBINSON née FERRIER by her late sister Elizabeth Collings VOSS
[6] Annies armchair: perhaps chair belonging to Annie – presumably her Aunt Annie – see [21] below.
[7] The children of her late sister Elizabeth Collings VOSS
[8] Mrs O Daniel: not identified
[9] Ellen Ferrier: her niece Ellen Harriet FERRIER by her late sister Elizabeth Collings VOSS
[10] Cousin Lizzie Voss: Elizabeth Susan Maria PEGG, wife of George Albert VOSS and known as Lizzie. My theory that George VOSS (d) and Rosa’s father Edward VOSS were brothers makes Rosa and George Albert 1st cousins.
[11] & [12] Eliza WILSON clearly her maid. Possibly Edith WILSON a relative of Eliza and a friend?
[13] Mona VOSS: clearly the same as Mrs Edward VOSS in [3] above. Curious that she is referred to differently here – but perhaps this bequest is to her personally, rather than to John or Edward through her.
[14] Lena Voss: Caroline Henrietta VOSS née WRIGHT, widow of Rosa’s brother John Tertius L VOSS.
[15] J G Wood: James George WOOD, barrister-at-law and her sole executor. A bit unusual to appoint a barrister as executor unless also a friend of relative.
[16] Daniel KENYON: not known.
[17] Betty EWAN: not known.
[18] Mollie EWAN: not known.
[19] Mona EWAN: not known.
[20] Rosa’s mother’s sister Anne SUMMERS married into the de RHODES family.
[21] Elizabeth VOSS: I don’t believe this refers to Lizzie VOSS (see 9 above), as she had married into the Voss family and Rosa would not have Lizzie’s family items. It must be Mona’s daughter Elizabeth Willingham VOSS, sister of John (see [3]) above). If the brooch was her G G Grandmother’s in her Voss line, that makes it either Susannah “Sarah” VOSS (d), who is actually Rosa and Elizabeth’s first shared female ancestor.
[22] The brooch appears to have contained the hair of three women: (a) Grandmother Voss: if Rosa’s grandmother then this would be Sarah “Susannah” VOSS. However, Aunt Annie is presumably Rosa’s Aunt Annie (de RHODES, née SUMMERS), sister of her mother. I am inclined to the view that Grandmother Voss refers to Rosa’s own mother Elizabeth Ann VOSS née SUMMERS, probably known generally in her old age as Grandmother Voss. Aunt Rhoda? Perhaps there was a third sister and thus the locket contained hair from three sisters?
[23] There is some ambiguity in reading the codicil here. Could it mean the brooch was for Mona’s eldest daughter Elizabeth, and then the next bequest was to Hay GRANT? Mona actually only had one daughter and she was indeed Elizabeth. Perhaps the wording allowed that she might have another daughter? However, there is a correction in the typescript, in which ‘Elizabeth Hay Grant’ has been inserted as an amendment. So I think it should read “given to her eldest daughter (and next bequest for) Elizabeth Hay GRANT the diamond…” So who was Elizabeth Hay GRANT?
[24] aunt Bessie Grant: the aunt of Elizabeth Hay GRANT: not known
[25] unless: unless what? There appears to be something missing in the official typescript here.
[26] Marion WOOD: wife of executor James George WOOD (as per comment below)
[27] Mrs WOOD: not known, but likely the mother of Marion WOOD. See also [33] below.
[28] Lilla FERRIER: niece by Rosa’s late sister Elizabeth Collings VOSS
[29] Miss WELLERS: not known
[30] Isabel GRANT: not known
[31] Daisy VOSS: probaby Margaret Rosa Cecil VOSS, her niece by her late brother Claudius William VOSS
[32] Joan FERRIER: not known. Possibly a great niece by her late sister Elizabeth Collings VOSS
[33] Mrs James WOOD: likely the wife of James George WOOD, her executor and hence Marion WOOD as in [26].
[34] Grace WOOD: daughter of James & Marion WOOD (as per comment below)
[35] Rosa ROBINSON: not known

There seem to be significant connections with a WOOD family and GRANT family.
WOOD persons also beneficiaries in the will of Rosa’s niece Margaret Rosa Cecil VOSS.
The only GRANT connection I have at this time is Mary GRANT who married George VOSS (b) 10th April 1790 in Broadmayne, Dorset. The common ancestors would be Rosa’s GGG Grandparents Thomas VOSS (z) & Jane [VOSS] (h). This seems too remote.

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  1. Hi – I am a great granddaghter of James George Wood, barrister, Lincoln’s Inn
    Re your notes above – Marian Wood was JG’s wife and Grace Wood was their daughter
    I think you can assume a close friendship for JG’s wife and daughter to be beneficiaries
    What a wonderful Will – so much info!!!

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