Caroline VOSS (a) of Winterbourne Came mystery

Looks like error in report in Sherborne Mercury

We have all accepted that Caroline VOSS (a) bapt 5 Jan 1800 in Winterbourne Came  was the daughter of William VOSS (j) and Elizabeth HANCOCK (b), and that she married William Benjamin HANCOCK (b) bapt 11 Oct 1807.

I have before me a transcript of the Winterbourne Came registers made by Peter Cox.  My comments in brackets [ ]
Wm Benjamin Hancock cabinet maker Melcombe Regis & Caoline Voss of Winterbourne Came both of age.  Father is recorded as Wm V blacksmith.
Witnesses were Susan B Voss [Bride’s niece]; Mary E PENNY [Bride’s niece], Eliz Crpft [CRAFT – bride’s sister]; Emma B PENNY [presummably Emma Emily PENNY – bride’s niece]
All this looks fine and solid.  I haven’t established any relationship between William and his bride’s mother.
Now have a look at this marriage announcement I have found in the Sherbourne Mercury date 11 March 1848
William HANCOCK=Caroline VOSS
William seems to have grown in his profession.  Our Caroline actually had a younger sister Kezia and what is this about her father being George? I don’t have a suitable candidate for a late George VOSS in Winterbourne Came either. Is this just sloppy reporting?  Or are we missing something?
Any views?


1 thought on “Caroline VOSS (a) of Winterbourne Came mystery

  1. I’m pretty sure this is sloppy reporting.

    In the 1851 England Census, William Benjamin Hancock’s occupation is given as Cabinet Maker.

    Caroline was actually the youngest daughter of William Voss and Elizabeth Hancock (baptised 1800). Kezia was baptised May 1794.

    Caroline’s will was proved by Thomas Snook (Kezia’s son-in-law) and Emma Emily Penny, niece.

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