Where are the family of Gladys Mary “Mollie” née VOSS?

Photograph taken about 1906 inscribed on the back:
Four generations
Mrs Pegg (right) Grandma
Mrs Voss left grannie
Bertie Voss son

As I have already written, it is apparent from the above photograph that Bertie VOSS had a daughter Gladys Mary “Mollie” VOSS, borne ca. 1903.  We now know that his wife was Edith née WENHAM.

It seems that Mollie went to Australia, for I have before me a letter written to her Aunt Mona upon news of the death of Mollie’s Grannie Elizabeth.  It was written  on 24th January 1940, when she would have been ca. 37.  Here is a transcription:

30 Courallie Avenue
Flemington [1]

Jan 24th

Dear Aunt Mona

Very many thanks for your letter – it was indeed sad news that it contained but I had feared something was the matter when I did not hear from Grannie for so long.  I am only thankful she has been spared the worry & anxiety which this war must cause us all, my heart goes out to you for I know how much you must feel with John[2] in the air force.  I wish him every happiness in his married life & all the best during his period of service in the air force.
I hope Elizabeth[3]  is well & happy – please give her my greetings.

 We have had our share of bad luck.  Last month Donald broke his arm, then my husband crushed & broke his hand & now Geoff has returned from the country with a broken foot, so I have my hands full just now.  Geoff is the eldest & has taken up sheep & wool station work & is 500 miles up west & he loves it in spite of the hard work it means & temperature rarely under 100 degrees & always over 105 in the summer, Donald is apprenticed to learn watchmaking & likes his work & is doing well at it, then there is John aged 5 yrs he is at school and loves it.

I must close as I have several things to do.  Thank you so much for writing to me dear Aunt Mona, I should love to hear from you again if you have time to write, also I should love photos or snaps of Elizabeth & John – I have none of Elizabeth & only one of John when he was about 6 yrs.

With love & all good wishes           Mollie


  1. Flemington is now a district of Sydney,  I haven’t found a Courallie Avenue.  I have miss-read this, or it may no longer exist.
  2. Mona’s son John E F VOSS, my father,  had married in September 1939
  3. Elizabeth W VOSS was Mona’s daughter

So we learn that Mollie was married with three sons Geoff and Donald (both then working) and a young son John.  She does not mention the name of her husband, so he was probably not known to Mona.  It is likely that she went out to Australia young and married out there.

So what of the family now?  Do I still have second cousins through this family?


7 thoughts on “Where are the family of Gladys Mary “Mollie” née VOSS?

  1. The 1911 original transcript will reveal how many children were born to Edith. This does not appear on the transcript (10 credits). It might be worth a look.

  2. I have recently returned from Australia where I tried to find out who lived in Courallie Avenue. Without a surname it was impossible to search electoral roles. I have found Geoffrey who before becoming a clergyman was a salesman who lived in 1930 at 106 Bland St Ashfield Sydney.
    I have also discovered that he is remembered on the Ballarat Memorial in Australia. There is an association of “friends” of those recorded there. Next time I go to Sydney I will try to access his records from Papua New Guinea which may tell me his next of kin. However I did find a short extract from a NSW newspaper 1950 which suggested that he left no will and his effects would be shared between his mother and sister, his father having not been heard of since 1910. This confirms what we thought that his mother and sister were already in Australia when he joined them after he left School.

  3. I have found in the Australian archives that Gladys Mary Voss became Gladys Mary Furner( ?) as it appears in the death record of Geoffrey, her brother, on the Montevideo Maru in 1942.

  4. The only present day descendants of Mollie that I have identified are the following. If they or anyone else recognise them, please get in touch through the contact page.

    Donna Maree TURNER b. ca 1952, residing in 1980 in Point Clare, Mangrove, NSW
    Paul Adrian TURNER b. ca 1954, residing 1980 in Robertson, NSW

  5. My grandmother was Gladys Mary “Mollie” Voss 1902-1996
    Married to Stephen Thomas Dominic Turner 1896 – 1970
    they lived in New South Wales Aust.
    Two of Mollie’s sons are still living.
    if you are still searching for information it may be possible to exchange some info.
    We were very pleased to have stumbled upon your posts as we have very little knowledge of Grandma T’s [Mollie’s] past and were thrilled to see photo’s.
    thank you regards Gary

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