VOSS family photos – Albert & Elizabeth’s family

Photograph taken about 1906 inscribed on the back:
Four generations
Mrs Pegg (right) Grandma
Mrs Voss left grannie
Bertie Voss son

From the inscription we know that this is part of the family of George Albert VOSS & Elizabeth Susan Maria PEGG.  Left is Elizabeth, now Mrs VOSS, and right her mother Jane Smith PEGG née OSBORNE.  At the back stands their youngest son Herbert “Bertie” Arthur VOSS, and on his knee is Mollie, his daughter.

Marilyn Wilkes has just located Mollie aged 8 and her mother in the 1911 census, thus dating this photo to ca. 1905-6. That would make Bertie 24, Mrs E Voss 56 and Mrs Pegg 76.  Bertie’s next child Geoffrey was borne 5th June 1905, and his wife Edith may well have been confined at the time, and hence not in the picture.  Crucially, this gives us the likeness of Elizabeth and Bertie.

Next we have:

Inscribed on Back:Four generations – for Mollie”

Tony & Rosie identfy left back: our paternal grandmother Mona W VOSS [née RICHARDSON] and the infant as Elizabeth VOSS (Rosie’s mother).  This dates the photo as 1911. Holding the infant Elizabeth is Elizabeth S M VOSS [née PEGG] identified from the earlier photo, and left Mrs Jane Smith PEGG [née OSBORNE] again from the earlier photo.

And the man?  Both Mona’s parents were dead by then, and Mrs Pegg was widowed. So he must be the husband of Elizabeth S M VOSS (right) which looks right. That makes him George Albert VOSS, who would then have been 66.

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