Who was John VOSS (d) who married Elizabeth MAUNDERS 1765 in Wyke Regis?

The parents of Capt. Edward VOSS (c) were John VOSS (m) & Susannah “Sarah” VOSS (d).  I have a Voss connection back to the Vosses of Winterbourne Came through his mother, but his paternal Voss line only to his grandfather John VOSS (d).  I need to trace this back further, and so am looking for the baptism on John VOSS (d).

At their marriage in Wyke Regis on 9 Sep 1765 were both ‘of Weymouth’ and witnesses were George WHITE and Sarah BUCK.  George WHITE had married Susanne DOVE in Winterborne Came in 1764, so we are getting close.  Sarah BUCK was actually née MAUNDERS spinster of Weymouth, who had married Richard BUCK in 1762 – perhaps the bride’s sister.

Now my problem: I have two candidates for the baptism of John VOSS (d):

Firstly, I have John VOSS (g) son of John VOSS (q) & Anne LOVELESS, baptised 11 June 1732 in Dorchester Holy Trinity.  I have no subsequent information, although I note a John VOSS was buried 19 Nov 1749 in Dorchester Holy Trinity.  The register transcript has no ‘son of’, which suggests it would have been the father aged 49 rather than the son aged 17.  I presently have nothing on the origins of John VOSS (q).

Secondly, I have a John VOSS (hn) baptised 6 Oct 1734 in Holnest, well north of Dorchester.  He was the first child of John VOSS (c) from Winterborne Came & Joan(e) MABER from Holnest, who married at Winterborne Came 20 June 1734 when they were both residing in Winterborne Herringston.  They clearly had their first borne baptised in mother”s home church but moved production to Winterborne Came for the subsequent six children.  Now if this were John VOSS (d) it would make the parents of Capt. Edward VOSS 3rd cousins.

I need to ascertain the correct parentage of John VOSS (d).  Any pointers or insights would be very welcome.

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