Where was marriage of Thomas VOSS (z) & Jane ca. 1720 and baptism of George VOSS (j) ca. 1720

Thomas VOSS (z) and his wife Jane baptised 8-9 children in Winterbourne Came, the first recorded as John in March 1748.  Both Thomas and Jane were later buried there.  Thomas’ father is also buried there.

About Thomas’ wife Jane we know nothing.  I have no marriage record, so do not know here maiden name, nor where she came from.  I imagine the marriage took place in her home parish.

My 5G Grandparents George VOSS (j) & Margaret BUCKLER were married 2nd January 1746/7 in Winterbourne Came, baptised various children in West Knighton, Fordington and Winterbourne Came, and George was buried there in 1786.  I have found no baptism of George, and cannot therefore trace his line back.  I estimate his birth around 1720.

Alison Smith wrote on 2nd March 2012:

I decided (in the absence of proof positive) back in 2009 that the circumstancial evidence for the parents of George Voss (j) was overwhelmingly in favour of Thomas Voss (z) and Jane.
Here's my reasoning: Winterborne Came is, and I believe was back in the 1700's, a small village and I haven't found any evidence that leads me to believe that there was more than one unrelated or distantly related Voss family living there at any one time. The fact that George (j) was married and buried there, strongly suggests that he was the son of Thomas and Jane. Also, more often than not, the naming tradition was followed, so one would think that Thomas' eldest son would carry the name of his paternal grandfather, George.

The parish register of Winterbourne Came at this time was minimal and cryptic, and it is possible it simply failed to record the baptism of George (j).  It is also possible that he was baptised elsewhere, before his parents established themselves in Winterbourne Came.  Now if we found the marriage of Thomas VOSS (z) & Jane, this might lead to the parish where George was borne.

Confirming a definitive parentage for George VOSS (j) is also important because it would provide the linkage for two otherwise separate branches of VOSSes in the area of Winterbourne Came, Broadmayne & West Knighton, and would also provide the genealogical connection between my line and that of Capt. Edward VOSS.

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